Sunday, March 8, 2009

Indian..(Delhi) roads

Been a pathetic day..Indian roads.
Potholed, missing, bumper to bumper traffic for miles simply because a small car is parked by some thoughtless soul ( but why the traffic jam, since its a 4lane road and the car is parked in one corner of the road, there shouldnt be any problem in traffic passing. Oh how could I forget the rubbernecking syndrome every (ok to be just not every but almost every) Indian suffers from - that explains the jam.) and if everything else is allright? Then well, cordoned off for some new construction happening. Imagine a stretch of one kilometer taking 30 minutes..

Well the song 'country roads take me home' comes to my mind all twisted

'Delhi roads dont take me home
keep me glued on the road
with all the honks
and emissions..Delhi roads

Usually we try to avoid these roads by taking the route most used by the VIP's ( President/prime minister of India) which by far are the best roads in the city. But you see it isnt possible every single day. Because one's business does tend to be in different parts of the city..

On top of all this an angry partner doesnt help - mouthing/shouting choicest words punctuated with honks. Boy am I glad the horn aint working well anymore.

It was overused
- how long could it survive
this relentless honking of
day and night..

oh well twas a long and tiring day. Maybe some other day we can come back to this topic.


  1. Thats what we ALL face all over India,EVERY single day,this is me,talking all the way from kolkata

  2. doesnt it just piss you off?grr

  3. Hey miss_nobody,
    Oh God you are so right. I have just visited Kolkata once. Loved the place, the rich culture, language. But the traffic grrrrr was even worse - if I may say than Delhi