Monday, March 2, 2009

What is the world coming to?

The attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers in Pakistan is shocking.

Nothing was sacred ever for the terrorists except their religion - which is terrorism. This is the only religion which teaches to kill innocent people. No religion preaches killing..So the terrorists only have terrorism as their religion. They cannot call any other religion their own.

Somewhere deep down in the monsters psyche lurks a male I used to think, who cheers at goals, and has the same adrenaline rush on great scores.

But they have proven again and again that terrorism has no religion and terrorism holds nothing sacred.

I am sorry but I feel I am not coherent, but my mind aint worlking at all..I am shocked.

Meanwhile politicians in Pakistan are busy with their own agenda..

Attack on Lankan team just like 26/11: Pak Punjab Guv


  1. Hi budh.aaah,
    Congrats...I have presented you an award for your blog. Please visit my blog and you will find the blog entry about the award. Congrats again and have a great evening. Rick

  2. Hi Budh.aaah, I am shocked with you and I agree that the only religion that terrorists know is TERRORISM. The same for murderers and rapists - that becomes their religion and sadly, we have so many followers of those religions in my country! Murderers claim it is just revenge for injustices of the past and rapists claim it cures HIV/AIDS. Does any of it makes sense?

  3. Thanks a ton Rick,
    i am touched deeply. And more than getting the award I feel great that you found it good..

    A human kind of human,
    Its repulsive when people try to justify their abbhorent acts. Acts of violence never make any sense to me.
    thank you for visiting my blog.