Sunday, October 3, 2010


Today's TOI's 'sms joke of the day'

Q: How many contractors are required to change a light bulb in Delhi CWG stadium?
A: 1 million. (1 to change the bulb and rest 9,99,999 to hold the ceiling)

Mail Today - A leading news daily headline (sept 23rd'10)
Games Hang By A Thread

Times Of India (sept 23rd'10)b g

97% say Games Bosses Have Tarred India's Image

Why do I mention September 23rd here? Because thats the day I stopped paying attention to news on CWG.
When I had first heard that India is holding the Commonwealth Games this time, the first question that came to my mind was are we even capable of hosting this? Do we have the infrastructure required? Then I remembered the 'swabhimaan' that I am supposed to feel as an Indian and I didnt air or in this case 'blog' my views.

But well I knew that in more ways than one it will benefit the economy in a huge way..(please read a huge number of labourers/construction workers (underpaid ) nevertheless will have 2 square meals a day.

BUt a huge amount of our hard earned money will go in paying for all this.

Last but not the least - the weakest section of our society ( 'weakest' read - morally, mentally)will have a growth spurt in their personal economic graph.

In fact a day before the footbridge fell, I was driving by and admiring it. And I told my spouse ''well it does seem that everything will be ship-shape /ready on time. All the new metro lines/bridges will be complete and then as soon as the games are over they will start falling down one by one. There are going to be some major disasters.''

He laughed and thought I was exaggerating.

It seems that I was overestimating. And the ceiling/bridges started falling way before the Games started. ''No one was injured when a part of the false ceiling at the showpiece Jawaharlal Nehru stadium's weightlifting arena collapsed but the incident hurt a nation of 1.2 billion'' (The ceiling came down because of a 'tresspasser' they say.)

Hurt? Who me?? Only my ego is hurt as to how I could predictthe timing wrong. As old age creeps along the mind becomes softer I guess.

''To add to the worldwide shame of a ''filthy and unlivable''Games Village and the igominy of a pedestrian bridge collapse that injured 27 costruction workers, at least eight blocks of the false ceilingat the weightlifting venue fell right where the judges were to sit during the competition''(Mail Today)

Then there was the news that the snakes and dogs seem to be the co-residents of the Games Village there..

Anyway its going to start today and I only hope that the ceiling doesnt come dashing down on India's hopes midway during the Games..fingers crossed.


  1. we are capable of evrything, we need the will and integrity.

  2. You are right Samvedna..Its the corruption and lack of integrity that I abhor