Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ok so this one was written in a much much lighter mood..please bear with me :)

All the Presidents
of the world unite
save precious time
cut the crap out of
your long boring speeches
and actually
terrorism and crime


  1. Couldn't resist poking my virtual nose in at this point to say: CRIME and TERRORISM - like POVERTY or VIOLENCE - cannot be fought. Just as lack is merely the shadow side of greed, terror is the dark side of misguided power that seeks power over others instead of power over oneself.

    As for crime, it will not exist when society chooses to cherish and reward rather than punish - and nobody goes hungry, homeless or unloved. It is the illusion of separation that creates social castes and division - and this is what, in turn, creates artificial categories of rich and poor.

  2. You are oh so right there Antares.

  3. Love the poem, made me giggle and agree. But Antares is so right- we can't fight anything and expect to win. We have to always focus on love to bring about needed change. I'm sad that it's hard to think of ways to make change that don't involve some kind of "fight". Maybe it is simply in surrendering, loving all that is as it is and living inside that love every day?

  4. Yes that does bring more satisfaction..and anyway why would one want a life (which was won by force and) the soul is missing after the victory