Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We are but our own demise...

We are our own demise - dont you think. Yes we are what drags us down and its of our own own making..this also is absolutely right.

If we could just rise above 'ourselves' and just be. And if there be doubts any doubts (my current stage of mind right now) at all then one takes one of the two ways to reach the divine. One is the obvious higher path..the other just submerge oneself in the grime called life try and live it in all its totality, till the light be seen or the thirst dies..


  1. Amen! We must LIVE in the MOMENT, not one second in the past, and we are not guaranteed one second in the future--so that leaves the PRESENT!!!

    A Gift from God!

    Loved the Post! LOVED IT!!


  2. Thanks John. Hope you are well :)