Monday, January 24, 2011

The Journey..

The way I led my life till I hit a rough patch was with a 'can do' attitude. It made each morning I opened my eyes worth a thousand dreams..easily within reach..

Treading that joyful path of hope is very important, but it would'nt be half as beautiful if we didnt stop and smelled the roses in between..enjoy the journey..each step of that glorious path of hope..

The rest would all come easy with that 'can do' attitude.


  1. and without stopping and smelling the rose life would feel really fake ...

  2. And stop and enjoy the sunshine...! Life is meant to be enjoyed, in all its manifestations. You have MUCH happiness ahead of you...!



  3. ... and without the rough patches, without the battles, we may not appreciate how beautiful those roses are. I wrote somewhere once on my blog that 'we should wear our scars with pride'. Live like a warrior and insist that no thing on this earth is gonna' stop you.

  4. It's another chance to prove how strong you are...

  5. Oh my dear beautiful friends I love you all for the kind and encouraging words..
    Jo, lotsa love love love and {{{{hugs}}}}

  6. remember the movie, 'hope floats'?

    i like to think it does

    thanks for the reminder