Thursday, January 29, 2009

Be at peace with yourself..

..and who you are, only then can you be at peace with the world..

How many roads must a man walk down
Before you call him a man?
Yes, 'n' how many seas must a white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand?
Yes, 'n' how many times must the cannon balls fly
Before they're forever banned?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,.....................
The answer is blowin' in the wind...........


And the answer my friend just might be that there is space enough for all of us here on earth ( and now they think they found some pure water on Mars too so..) yourself, but not at the expense of other people, their feelings, their religion..

This is in lieu of an article in an Indian newspaper by the famous or rather infamous Homosexual activist ASHOK ROW KAVI, who true to his middle name loves to stir a 'row' just for controversies sake or draw some attention to himself. He does this by attacking heterosexual people by drawing comparisons which sound more or less like 'Straight versus 'Homo'. If this man's intention is to bring justice/recognition and /or a sympathatic/empathatic attitude towards homosexuals ( Indian Homo's) then he is doing anything but.

I must remember though to be gentle with him as All his life since the time he must first have understood his sexual orientation, he must have fought a battle for survival in the then closed Indian society so much so that it took all his energy and as a result the brain cells dont appear to have developed beyond a certain stage - this observation is purely based on account of the articles he so loves to write.

Poor man doesnt know that to get the homosexuals the respect that they deserve, he doesnt need to pull down other people (for being heterosexuals). He doesnt need to disrespect anothers belief or orientation just so he gets respect for his tribe.

I am sorry to use the word 'Tribe' but I am sorry whenever I have read him, he comes across as a wronged leader of some mumbo-jumbo tribe. If he is the spokesperson/messiah of the Indian homo's then God save them. Instead of empathy he inspires fierce dislike (for him) by his comparisons and attacks.

Personally I have nothing against homosexuals ( I know this sounds like a glib smoothie but its true). Though initially during the teenage years when I found out about homosexuality - I went from disbelief to whoa, and after some years of teenage denial that this kind of 'abnormal' situation can exist between two same sex individuals ( the radical and understanding person that I am ( oh yes sir) I went 'well whyever not'?

Well Whatever dings one's dang ( I just made this up right now for want of better words to write) I thought.

Anyway I think in a perfect world we can co-exist peacefully if we dont want to prove that hey I am better than you, or try to unearth ( sometimes non-existant 'truths') against the other as discriminatory evidence. Man you dont have to play dirty. In the 21st century India which recently hosted a 'Gay Pride Parade', had a few award winning movies on this subject I dont think you need to get in a mud slinging match - with who? Nobody's even standing there, who are you pitting against 'Kavi' or should I say 'Row'?

Nobody's is interested Row. And if they do get interested then it would be for all the wrong reasons.

The article talks about some book on how commonly mentioned Homosexuality is in ancient Hindu scriptures and hence a good number or the main two deities have suspect preferences, and here they go quoting some 'shloka' without fully understanding the meaning. Like 'Row said that the sanskrit ( ancient language) is 'annotated and precise'. But first the one who translates it has to do so precisely, right? It cant be ambigous because one is dealing with sensitive stuff - which here isnt 'homosexuality' but religion.

Hindus are pretty easygoing( ahem lazy if you please) /liberal ( except a small number (thank God) of rigid people) when it comes to someone poking fun at their Gods and Goddesses and their religion. They even throw a joke or two in themselves, for good measure, because they are aware of the fact that 'Hindutva', is all about compassion, to live and let live and religion is a way of life yes but you cant take life too seriously. So this happy go lucky mood prevails mostly.

This book here which goes on to defame the Hindu religion is written by not a hindu but a combo of a christian and a muslim writer. The translation Row says is 'painstaking effort, not to be challenged by pettyfogging homophobes in Hinduism'..Now because Hindus as a community are so lazy thats why they can easily be challenged by a pettyfogging loosescrews Ashok Row and get away with it too. I can almost see most of them read this article and say 'what's this man talking about does he even know, and to what purpose? Has he gone mad talking nonsense'. And thats about it. After this they will turn to the next article nonchalantly sipping their morning cuppa.

Thats why people like Row are thriving because a whole community is too lazy to confront him.

Lord Krishna is the only suspect material ( strictly in my eyes) but his actions are explained beautifully by the scriptures as being symbolic. Hmmm. Even if it is actually true, then lets not forget that he is the God of the Dwapar Yuga a time just before the Dark Ages or the 'Kalyug started'..He is a almost a contenmporary, and I am sure we can grant him his wayward ways considering that hahaa.

Hmm Row Row..uh BTW I just realized that this guy Row has actually started a trend within the Homo community in India as to dropping their surnames and taking up the 'Rai' (the old version of 'Row') I personally know of a guy who is 50 ish,never married, and changed his last name to 'Rai'. Quite an Icon there Row.

In fact in India like a visiting Australian stand-up-comedian commented once that the male-bonding is very evident and alarming on the Indian streets. You can see males walking hand in hand, hugging or touching each other too much, and when they are not doing that well they are standing a bit tooooo close to each other.

Well tell me about it boss.

Its purely a personal view ( shared nevertheless by dozens of good friends from Planet Venus) that almost 99% of the Indian male population consists of homosexuals.. When asked about their single status they lament about how there arent any good men around. The nice, sensitive ones already have boyfriends.

But I admire them. The ones who come out and are proud of whoever they are..embrace their difference and be comfortable with it, and dont go about ruining other people's lives by marrying them and being closet homo's comfortably.

I have seen/met honest homo's and creepy/closet homo's but just the one lunatic Row.


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