Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poo wrote on 27 Jan,2009

Hi dearest ,
its so busy at work that i havent seen those snaps of prez obama you were talking about . ....will do now , it has been crazy , after picking arial i have to still work ....ugh.

i am sure unless one puts any pressure anything ever gets resolved , someone has to work and then others reap the benefits .

we never bought any car for arial , it was for ted (debbie's son ). its was for usd110.00 so around rs4000 . we will buy the same for arial once summer arrives then he can play with it outside , its not easy in a small place .

tomorrow i have to go to work in the city so wont be responding to you ....

its very cold and tomorrow is supposed to be a cold storm so god only knows what time i will reach .

this evening the babysitter said that for picking him up late there will be a fine so accordingly hubby will have to leave as i cannot ....

you know a lesser know actor mickey rourke won the emmy for his performance , poor fellow was flat broke and lost his marriage . anyway it was a great thing that he won the emmy and is nominated for the oscar ..

He would like to live in the white house ( who wont ) ......michelle is tall thats why she cant wear very high heels she wear kitten heels only ....she dresses well , well when we have money then dressing sense does get better...

take care lots of love

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