Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lonely traveller..

My dear Poo,

I do hope everything's ok at your end, you havent written-unless I count the one line yesterday.
Keep safe.

For want of better things to say , here’s a song I wrote sometime back..Hope you like it too..

Well here goes..

The girl who wants to make you laugh,
or the child that makes you cry.
The words that come out thru’ your eyes,
the tears that make you smile.

Tell me - have you ever smiled on tears,
and emotions - that teach you nothing but lies..
have you ever tried to love?
Ever tried to fly??

Tell me ’cause I’m a lonely traveller,
In a land more beautiful than dreams.
Tell me - so that I take back the gift,
- a souvenir of dreams..

Always tried - be a human
-cried when the child cried,
-wanted always to be oh human,
-turned out to be a machine..

Have always wanted to share my love,
have always been too shy..
Always wanted to share with everyone,
But - failure makes me die..

Save me ”cause I am a lonely traveller,
In a land of barriers and screams.
Save me ’cause I have loved everyone,
In your land - stranger than dreams..

*copyright* budh.aaah

lotsa love and keep writing

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