Monday, January 26, 2009

On Sun, 25 Jan 2009 Poo wrote :
Sorry for not responding earlier, nice that you called. Yeah I am still in touch with debbie. Why would i loose touch with her . she's a good friend of mine and hope to remain that way . it was fun going to her place , Ted behaved so much like a biig brother . Aron enjoyed there and was copying her uncle aunty's coughing which he heard after a long time coz my mil was always coughing . we bought a car for him but it was too tough for him to assemble so hubby dear did half , rest he will do next time .
>well big bags are in fashion so you should try using it and then it will grow on you .
>rest all is fine , its cold again .,......dont feel like even working but have to pay the bills right.....
>take care

Hi Poo,
I do have a bigger bag than the one Di gifted me, I'd bought it fr myself (from Colaba) when we were in BOM for Papa's exhibition. So today the kid shifted all my stuff in the new bag and it was small for all the stuff I accumulated getting comfortable hahaa. And I love it too, has kind of a dark goth look with studs and all, but underdone.

Arial must have looked so cute copycat coughing like that. I remember I used to go all gaga when the kid used to copy me like that, or scolding by clearing the throat loudly.

Wow so your bro is now a cook too, I mean he has learnt to make peanut butter toffee. Wow. Like I said the guy surprises everytime. I guess that’s one of the high points of dating a chef.

Read recently this article- ‘A group of prominent Indian Americans will meet the members of the US Adminstration and top Congressmen to demand that they step up pressure on Pakistan to take action against those responsible for the Mumbai carnage.

Around 150 Indian American leaders from various parts of the country will meet the members of the Obama administration and top Congressmen on Tuesday to impress upon them the need for Pakistan to bring the perpetrators of the crime to justice.

These leaders represent "Indian American Task Force", which was set up by several Indian American organizations, to lobby at the Capitol and before the new administration for bringing to justice the perpetrators of the terror attacks that killed at least 173 people including several foreign nationals. Six of them were American citizens.’

What’s your take on this? Do you think this kind of pressure tactic is good so early on. And what do they hope to achieve by this anyway? Do you think Obama will pick up the phone and do the needful?

BTW did you see the snaps where the Obama’s and the bush’s have their pix taken together. There are quite a few there. Pretty good ones too. Michelle’s quite tall. Obama, Bush and Michelle look pretty good. Laura however might have had some pressing engagement and seems like couldn’t quite make it to the Photo-op and so they had to make do with her wax statue borrowed from Madame Tussauds.
Lotsa love

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