Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama works his magic..

Obama has started taking steps towards the 'Magical Obamah Reign'..All the best America. We need nothing short of a miracle here to get us out of the financial mess and Obama has started working his magic.

Hope he knows his spells. Fingers crossed..

By 'here' I mean 'the world', because what happens in the States has repurcussions the world over..heck India went into the panic mode as soon as the "US economic Crisis' news swept the world.


  1. I am -- sadly -- not a fan of Obama. And yes, what he does has repercussions all over the world. I don't think any living, human being has the power to solve the economic crisis. The US is based on capitalism, and once the government starts taking over the banks, or bailing them out, etc., it is on the slippery slope to a complete and total welfare state. What the US needs is not a President with magic powers, but a President with guts. There are no free lunches.

  2. Yes you are right JO. But for me Obama does shows that he has guts - a requisite for the position he holds. And what touched me was his saying 'yes I screwed up' ( hahaa though he could have put it in a better way) for I dont see even ordinary people owning up to their mistakes, let alone a President.
    I optimistically think that a person who has the guts to own up, well, just might have the ability to learn from his predecessors and (his) mistakes..

  3. Oh btw I didnt say 'thank you' Jo for visiting my blog :)
    and thanks for the comment too