Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Too Just..

'10 years on, kidnappers get life term'

Headline of a leading newspaper screams today. You go like 'What' and grab the paper to read whether you did get what they are saying. Oh yes tis true. Its another peerless example of the Indian justice system or the mockery of it.

It so happens that in this case a 3 year old boy was kidnapped by 3 men some 10 years ago, who later let the boy go unharmed, scotfree. ( thank God for that at least) So the High Court here refused to show any leniency towards the kidnappers , or heed their argument that they should be spared a life term because the boy was allowed to go unharmed. Dismissing the
appeals filed by the trio, the court stated,"the very act of kidnapping a child and demanding ransom for his release , by the very nature of the act, would give rise to a reasonable apprehension that a child would be hurt or killed if the ransom is not paid".

It all very well and I am not disputing the verdict because I firmly believe that the hand of the law should be swift and firm. Now 'swift' is impossible in this country, but 'firm' aye, they were in this case.

The only problem I see in India is the way they treat their women. The case I wrote ( label India) about a few days ago here where a convict ( who had raped and later driven a girl to suicide) according to the court "had redeemed himself by simply cracking the UPSC ( civil services) exam". Though he has been deemed an offender but he was out on bail, and in fact the court thought that the mere 5 years the accused had served in prison was sufficient punishment suffered especially since he had gotten through an exam ( the whole country is obsessed with )

So what is it with the Indian judges anyway? Do they feel so strongly against the kidnappers in this case because the kidnapped was a 'boy' and not a lil girl, or do they think that 'raping a human being and later driving them to suicide by blackmailing' is a lesser crime of the two??

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