Thursday, February 12, 2009

You surely can do better girl..

I Can Do Better

I couldnt give a damn what you say to me

I dont really care what you think of me

Cause either way you're gonna think what you believe

There's nothing you could say that would hurt me
I'm better off without you anyway

I thought it would be hard but I'm ok

I dont need you if youre gonna be that way

Cause with me it's all or nothing
I'm sick of it uhh dont deny

You're a waste of time

I'm sick of it uhh Don't ask why
[Chorus:]I Hate you now

So go away from me

You're gone So

can do betterI can do better

HeyHey youI found myself again

Thats why Goodbye

I can do better I can do better..

And the song goes on thus..descibing a relationship gone all wrong.

The singer here seems to be perfectly content with the state -or lack of it- of the relationship she has right now. You want to say ' way to go girl', yeah show the bugger you mean it and so on and so forth.

Whats the point in a relationship when one party has to slog/ do all the work so it doesnt break?

But thats purely my view. There are books that are being published nowadays and emancipated women are even reading it, hell, Oprah the messiah of the wronged women had it on her show.. whats this world coming to?

There the author tells many ways how a partners small adjustment in ttitude/gestures/thinking/reacting can turn a relationship around. And do you know who's doing all the adjusting here..The woman of course.

Just a slight shift in attitude and - wham you have your man.

Or so the author thinks. I was surprised to find that the author was not of Indian (as in India) origin or a male.

So 'Hazing: Why Are Girls Hurting Girls?' this was another link on Oprah's site, though the article is not relevant to what I am writing about, the title surely seems relevant to my topic. Why do women have to do all the work. And how can a woman suggest this to other women? The author in that article talked about how if a woman adjusted some, and then adjusted some more , she could give her man an ego high and voila their relationship would be hunky dory again. She had to see his negative behaviour in a new light so that it doesnt seem so negative after all. I think she means something like diffusing a photograph so that the facial features soften up and the wrinkles dont really stand out.

But can we forget that the wrinkles are very much there?

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