Thursday, December 2, 2010

Suicide is not the answer

I have sadly been lagging behind with this blog and the updates and today i decided I must do something about it..

I am not a 'writer' Just have the poem blog and this one - used for posting my random thoughts/ rants/ stuff whatever I felt strongly about (sometimes even an Oprah show issue) or something that ticked me off so on and so forth..

But this year I stopped, there just wasnt too much of me to be able to give anything here. I was already spread too thin every which way..So it was just me and my poems - on my other blog, if you could call my random thoughts that.

But today I have made a conscious decision to post here every day. Why? Beats me..or maybe not. Maybe I want to write for you. Yes YOU. again and since its gonna take some time to get back in that particular limbo again I might as well post my everyday interactions with people here. Mostly people I love.

This today then here is about a stand up comedian Greg Giraldo. RIP Greg. A very good friend had written about him some time ago and this line of hers struck a chord

''Sadness hiding behind a smile, a laugh, a joke told can be absolute torture''(Deb)

God knows this is true - as true as true can be..

How ironical is this, I mean comedians are supposed to be happy people or at least in the eyes of the public they are ever happy people with not a care in the world or if there is well then mental peace is just a laugh away. Or is it.

There's Greg who just couldnt be bothered to be in the race that life is, anymore. Because we forget that he is/was just like you and me dealing with his highs and lows of life and as ill-equipped as most of us to deal with it effectively at times..

And if one does not have a good support system then it is very hard to hold on to dreams, hopes, life..

I have felt that once in my life to go that far..and feel it on an everyday basis still..its only meditation and reaching for my inner strength (scraping the remnants more like)which helps me cope on a day to day basis. Sometimes I so wish that I drank or took something stronger or heck at least smoked to be able to cope. These weak moments are rare but there nevertheless.. should never lose hope. Its what keeps us alive.

Forget about the ugliness spread around and give love, compassion and a willing ear to people who are going through life's low. Reach out as best as you can and turn a deaf ear to the negativity around you. I am not promoting escapism here but turning your back firmly towards people with negative words, language and thoughts and attitudes..who almost drive you to the brink. If you let them affect you then remember these are not the people who are going to put a Glock in their mouth and pull the trigger - You will..


  1. People, the great Greg or the minute me, who laugh or make others laugh, are not necessarily happy. They do not have a happy DNA either. They too face issues in life. Laughing off probably helps to cope better.
    Well at least I resort to the same.....
    Why? Because I believe: Whatever happen is justice.
    Humorously yours,

  2. So true, turn to positive energy, meditate, do some physical exercise, write, WALK, and talk to cheerful people (hopefully intelligent too!). The world won't change, but we can change ourselves, and by changing ourselves, we have at least change one thing physical (I mean I as a physical [now happier] human being). "Tomorrow is another day".

    PS: If a comedian couldn't make people laugh, he should quit his job (or he will be fired). And I'm sure ministers are not always so spiritual, I see more than one who enjoy very much a nice heavy meal after giving a "tiring" sermon, AND asked for a steaming cup of double expresso, with a chocolate mousse cake after (may be he was thinking of his coming vacation with his young wife to the south of France)- mind you, no complaint.

    Life is actually more funny than any comedian can portrait.

  3. Oh yes, Ashish,
    you are absolutely right, for there be a lot of pain behind so many smiling masks..

    Hey welcome buddy to my blog. Yes we do think alike in some ways. In the sense that the only person we can change is ourselves. And it should be in a positive way a continuos evolving of spirit and soul.

    Greg here was a great comedian and had people in splits but himself it would seem - he couldnt make himself laugh..oh he must have tried hard, he must have..but after many a night of lonely cry-ins in his pillow - maybe he decided to take this negative plunge..

    He didnt have to/want to (I am sure) die alone. For havent you heard that eagles song 'hotel California' where a line says 'nobody wants to die alone..'

    So long paul, see you around.

  4. so I'm reading a bit throughout your blog and I so love it here! (and all the post btw.) you are a wise person with a very beautiful heart, thank you for sharing your thoughts as they lighten my day and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one thinking that ;-) have a wonderful w-e!! sending love, peace and light