Friday, December 3, 2010

Out of bounds relationships..

This is a topic, that my friends I wouldnt even have thought of a few months ago but hey didnt I mention earlier that I was ever evolving :)

Hmmm on a more serious note this is a subject that plagues many a mind and causes ache to many a heart. Why do people fall in love - with the kind of person who is all wrong for them? Why couldnt they just look some more and find the right one?
This can be answered easily enough - love isnt a planned or a calculated move.

Love..simply happens..whack!! when you least expect it.

But then shouldnt a sane person hold back, if the person is all wrong for them? Or should they hold back, actually is more like what I want to ask here. It was a sort of a debate amongst us few friends a few days back.

To which the sane and the cynic one said that if people touch the fire and get burned and yet keep going back to it, then it would seem they are addicted to it and it's not pain to them it's the way their life is supposed to be. And that such people need a different definition of "supposed to be" because needs and wounds and wants dont really cut it here..we all have needs and we're all wounded. Some just need the dose more than others.

I think sometimes..people try and clutch at straws. It gives them an illusion of holding onto something for dear life, the feeling of air when you come up..that they are saved. But in their hearts they too know that its just an illusion, which might or might not last.

There is so much one could say on this topic..write reams but I will try and sum it up with something I wrote a few days back-

So it comes
to a draw
we both are
clutching at - flaws -
in our desperation..

And as for my sane and cynic friend I had a few questions of my own posed like who is gonna give that different definition to them..of what's "supposed to be" for real..true love??

True love is hard to come by if ever and someone who waits eternally is like a piece of white crushed paper flailing in the wind without ever a word (of love) written on it..

The thirst for love (I dont mean physical though it be a beautiful part of it) sometimes in a soul is so great that it eats one up and then to just have never tasted that in life and pass away with a huge emptiness inside one..

Maybe these people are going by one of my fave Quotations

Explore, Dream, Discover..
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
-Mark Twain

Though God knows I've trying to implement this quotation in my life now since a long time but chains are wrapped too strong around for escape.

Still to be able to taste that fruit before I die..


  1. its all just luck, sometimes find a good match some times you dont

  2. Mostly luck to be honest. Had to go through 2-3 other girls before I found my current girlfriend who is amazing.

  3. the 2 comments above... made them my words

  4. You can never know anyone true motives, some really try to live their life to the fullest throwing them selves into love with all they have. Others cling onto love as a means to avoid looking at themselves since it allows them to lay their focus outwards.

  5. Relationship depends on truth, faith and honesty and then luck comes at the end I feel. Its a very delicate relationship when a boy falls in love with a girl and vice-versa and commitment is the most important role to be played. Wonderful post.

  6. Yes US,
    U r right there bro, but we should be strong enough to be able to take charge of our lives instead of just being a flowery doormat in anothers life

    Gee I am sure glad u found ur amazing one dude

    Alex, at least you are on the right path and you do know what ya lookin for

    you talk profound man. Yes sadly some cling on to love to avoid facing reality (guilty as charged)

    Thanks babli,
    Without commitment what is a relationship if not a lot of gas..

    Thanks all of you for dropping by