Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tis the season to be Jolly..and kind

You know a few days ago I left a comment on a friends blog where she'd written about the tree cutting for the upcoming Christmas celebrations and the pine scent in the house. I wrote a long comment about how the tree was pretty and the smell must be heavenly but that I dont think it was the right to do killing for a few weeks of splendor..Moreover how I would not like the carcass of a once beautiful being which could have been saved - during all the festivities/the season in my living room.

Then I deleted or rather edited the comment and even though felt guilty feeling fake send the edited one. Because I felt I would not only be hurting her sentiments but a whole lot of other people's too.

But this is exactly how I feel. Even though I wont be celebrating this year due to personal reasons but every year I have a fake one at my place on X'mas and it looks more beautiful than the real one..
Why? Because of it one tree is still standing outside...


  1. I dont think it makes any difference, rather it should make one happy for contributing to the environment.Now a days.fakes are as good as real ones.

  2. The cutting down of trees for Christmas is like the slaughter of turkeys for Thanksgiving. I really can't see much of a difference.

  3. All of this post proves that you are the lovely person I felt you to be. Firstly your desire not to hurt the feelings of your friend and secondly your views about the cutting down of trees show you to be a kind, loving individual. I know you say you are not celebrating this year but may I wish you and yours all the best.

  4. Renu,
    Thanks for visiting and your comment. Yes fakes in this case anyway are as good as the real ones..

    I am a vegetarian and therein I guess you have your answer. Thanks for your visit..hope to see you around

    My dear friend, thank you so very much. I hope you are feeling much better now. My throats gone for a toss too but no problems otherwise except the heart problem :)

    Oh its you who are lovely and I wish you and yours a verry Merry Christmas..hope Santa fulfills all your wishes this year and always.

  5. My kindhearted friend, I am with you here. In Hong Kong this year, all major shopping malls do away with big genuine Christmas trees and do with fake ones (bravo!). And it is the trend. And it is NOT like killing a turkey, it's like people are against killing an animal for its skin only. We do eat turkey, don't we? (unless one is vegetarian). In the past, for one thing, there are many trees (issue of endangered), moreover, people probably will use the dead trunks later to make fire during the winter months. I guess in civilized cities where Christmas trees are prevalent, people don't make fires from dead trunks anymore...:):)