Tuesday, February 8, 2011


How does it feel to watch your daughter growing up? The little angel that you brought into this world sprouting bit by bit personality traits that mark her individuality...hmm..watching this painful transition at times and at other times one is overwhelmed at ones good luck at having found a friend for life..at times we so want to hold on to lil gestures, words and then feel foolish. Like I use the word 'compotable'that my lil one used till a year ago for 'comfortable'...and ‘tractice’ which is an ongoing fun word nowadays for ‘practice’.

It comes in a package of bitter-sweet memories..rewards...this transition. Most times I just want to stop the hand of the clock to right here, right now and hide her in my warm, safe hug wanting to shield her forever..at other times though I know this life is her very own quest to find, learn, discover..I will but be there as her guide, giving solicited and at times unsolicited advice to her.

But I do know one thing. I will be there for her always. 'Being there' even though at times not physically but whenever she does need me. And God forbid if she stumbles or if her step evers falters my arms will always be there to break her fall...

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  1. How I do hear you. My two daughters are now 24 & 27 and I still feel it.