Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Now that Valentine's day is over one can heave that sigh of relief. Good or bad however it was, most of us must be glad that it finaly is over and wont be back again sometime soon with all its hype.

Do we really need a day to show that we love...care? We could prove everyday instead through our actions that we love. When I say 'prove' I mean t would show through our everyday words/gestures/actions that we do love and care...

I know of people who wait for this one day in the year to express love and kindness to their special someone in their lives...and then there are those who couldnt care less even on this one day to treat the special someone in their lives right...


  1. Exactly right. The day's not a big thing for me. That's an understatement. I don't like it at all, I've never met a person- man or woman- who enjoys it. 'Love hearts', wine, flowers? that's a million miles away from anything like love...

  2. "and then there are those who couldnt care less even on this one day to treat the special someone in their lives right... "

    ...see, that's how we have been (and will be) hooked (by the marketers). One really don't want the above label to be "accidentally" fallen on one's laps arising from an "incidental" misunderstanding with our loved one a short while before Valentines...(how can we be 100% sure that we haven't "accidentally" stepped on our beloved's soft spot)...for me at least, better play safe...so in conclusion, I admit being hooked too :):)

  3. Aaah secretly my dear Griever, they all enjoy it.dont believe if they tell you otherwise. Like our Paul here said..and he is right. I used to enjoy it too till I thought I had a Valentine :)

    Oh Paul, sorry havent been around lately. Thanks for coming in to check on me. And boy am I glad to know your view about this overblown hyped love day..it wouldnt do to appear foolish alone..no sir. So thanks :)

  4. If my friend woudn't call me and tell me "I'm out tonight with my friend so that I don't have to sit back home alone on Valentine's day" I would not even remember that it was Valentine's day. We don't celebrate it ... isn't it obvious that love is not to be celebrated just on that day but all the time and that it needs to be cultivated in our hearts the most so that we can spread it all around any time to anyone? I normally wish happy Valentines to who celebrate it - that is their choice and I'm fine with it ... My friend was upset saying "to impose celebrate Valentine's day is like to start celebrating the perfect body people ... " ... that made me lol ... happy loving February 17th to you ;-)

  5. Yeah Birdie :) Happy everyday to you too dear

  6. i think we should express our love throughout the year...we don't need a special day.. i hate mother's day as well by the way...i'm a mother all year long and my children know...no special treatment on mother's day..

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