Sunday, December 5, 2010

In the age of the Instant

We are living in the times of the 'instant' and slowly bit by bit are getting adjusted to the instant mentality. I believe that we have also gotten used to the idea of instant ‘love’. Relationships are not what they used to be because there no more is the persistence, the wait and the longing for love..for the one you truly desire. If I long for you then heck I gotta get that insta gratification this very minute.

In hindi (there I go again :) there’s a casual saying ‘tuh nahi toh koee aur sahi’. Someone else will do just fine if you are not ready for me..I mean imagine! I still cant get over this particular saying and thank God for it, because if I get used to this then it means I am ready to join the instant gang.

On a lighter note if you are truly in love with someone for the very first time what would you like to be for them - their 5 minutes instant maggi noodles..

or cooked -long - and strong - biryani

Me - I would rather be your Biryani anyday..can wait an eternity for you..but dont want to be your instant source of gratification. ( on second thoughts )

But love you too much and respect myself some to be 'just that' in your life..


  1. I can only agree about the instant mentality. I am aware of it and trying to fight it but losing the battle most of the time

  2. I also agree about this new "instant gratification" type of mentality.