Monday, December 6, 2010

put down roots...or uproot

Sometimes we need to walk away from a situation, a person, for very selfish personal reasons - to keep our sanity intact. When one is in an impossible situation then what is the next step we take from there?

For some people winning is everything - doggedly moving on - no matter how steep a climb it be but if I need to get up there then come what may - I will. Sometimes..this succeeds - most times it fails.

But its only this risk taker who in the end savours the fruit of success, is able to put down roots and settle down finally – beating the odds. And why shouldn’t he/she ? Beat the odds of that 10% negligible chance and held on to it – the love/relationship for dear life and ‘won’.

Then there is the escapist who at the first sign of trouble run a mile- keeping/maintaining as much distance possible between them and their ‘trouble’. These are people who have been fighters all their lives. Not the good way, but fighters for the basics of life..their survival. And they tend to see the trouble in a relationship as a shredder of their last remaining sane page of life. They are the ones who hav’nt healed at all or were in the process- not quite there.

And even if in their heart they knew that this indeed was the real deal ‘it’ they just arent equipped enough for the emotional ride and upheavels caused by this love..


  1. So well thought that this made me think..The thing is to know when the effort is not for the ego...
    No longer a challenger nor escaping, looking, seeing.

  2. 28 years and I so came close to walking this past year! But I didn't! I stayed and WE Won!

    Great post!


  3. Lyn,

    But the void that remains?


    It made you think? Am I glad I rusted you outa it

    *shrug* sometimes its worth holding on to but at other times - when it curbs our wants, desires, individuality -peace of mind and eternal solace -
    When you experience no caring and giving only 'taking' at times like that its best to let it go.

    Glad for you John you found out :) just in the nick of time too that your relationship is based on mutual trust, admiration, love - and that you make each other feel loved and secure. That it is alright to feel vulnerable because he /she's gonna catch you when you do fall..

  4. I'm struggling with something like this myself right now