Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ripples beneath the interaction with a friend..

What is it that makes seemingly sane people go for the insanity of a break-up? We get shocked when we hear that a couple we thought was all cosy and everything in their world hunky-dory has broken up. Was it their ego? Control issues??

Or just an effort on their part to pick the remnants of what is left..pick up their dreams gathering dust somewhere in a corner and go out and..aaaaahhhh..breathe for the first time.

‘A validation for who we want to be’ ? Yes, perhaps that is what inspires us to shake off the familiarity of the present relationship and go for the new one. Maybe not for any other reason but simply because we want to be..exist. That gives us strength enough to leave the security of the familiar ground and tread new territory…

Also on trial and error basis life continues to teach us so much, and what seemed (to put it lightly) yum a decade ago might now seem yuck. Because of the hidden attributes coming to surface which after a while matter more than the shell the human body is made of.

In hindi (yeah there I go again) is an adage which goes ‘surat say bhalee seerat’ which means that the temperament or the basic nature of a person is much more important than a beautiful face or a body..for how long can a person enjoy the pretty face of the diva-turned-devil or the stud gone dud…

Sometimes aye the weeds
grow too long and strong
and then its time to move on…

But we live with the consequences of not only our decisions but the action based on that decision. And that is where the fear factor comes in. It scares us, stops us, delays the flowering of the soul..the fear of the unknown binds the feet with unseen shackles which hiss ‘better the devil you know than the one you dont’

Tis true that ‘newness might be enough to carry us through for a long time’..but how long is the question.

But still if you have given almost a decade or two of your life to an abusive relationship trying to make things work. If you still feel alive enough to have some shred of sanity, integrity left about you, and if you still dream are capable of dreaming still..then you might want to call it quits..start anew…put your roots down in dewy moist fresh receptive ground and grow...reach out .

Reach up and out
You can really touch that sky


  1. Wow that was thought provoking. Your hindi adage, thanks for sharing that by the way, put me in mind of two sayings my nana had - 'beauty is only skin deep' and 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.

  2. HKHKpt,
    Hey I hope I write it right ur blog name I mean :) Thanks

    Oh you came :P Yes I 've heard these too so deep and true - beauty is only skin deep, and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  3. Beautiful! I am with you all the way and agree with every word. Give it al you got and then move on... Don't let the fear of he unknown stop you from finding true happiness.;)
    Lovely post...

  4. more inspirational than i thought it would be